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Production of Internal and External Furniture Panizzo Doriano Snc, started producing high technology



Italian Technology Development

Panizzo Doriano snc, has been working in moulds lamination for cutting and cold deformation, since 30 years.
Company has been created by Doriano capability with his wife Antonella: spirit is family.

It born for projecting and producing moulds gorwing with complementary sirvices during the years. then Company became a complete structured group, satisfying Italian and  Foreigner clients requirements.

Group is now expleting following activities: project and producing of moulds, mechanical services for clients using mechanical and oleodynamic presses, laser cutting, bending lamination.

Products and moulds after packing, are delivered by proper trucks.
 Excellency in quality has been achievied utilising first quality materials, high human resources, uptodate technology machineries and tools, satisfying market requirements.
Success key has been carrying its clients problematics.


Production of Internal and External Furniture FROMIT.IT

Panizzo Doriano Snc, started producing high technology furniture for internal and external houses, receptions structures, offices and commercial activities, at beginning of 2009.
Company is projecting producing and selling furniture under FROMIT.IT brand.

Projecting has been carryed out by architects team specialized in new creative design.
Production of FROMIT.IT brand i excuted in Panizzo Doriano Snc plants, using modern technologies. 





panizzo stampi

Il Gruppo svolge le seguenti Attività

  • Costruzione e progettazione stampi
  • Lavorazioni meccaniche conto terzi
  • Stampaggio con presse meccaniche e oleodinamiche
  • Taglio laser
  • Piegatura lamiera
  • Servizio celere di ritiro e consegna con mezzi propri